The National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Kharkiv from Ukraine will visit Ventspils Theatre House “Jūras vārti”

In late January, Kharkiv artists will start new tour in Lithuania and Latvia.
The first stop will be a picturesque old town in Lithuania.

And although the Christmas and New Year holidays are over,
our performance brings the audience back to the magical world of childhood
and gives them a festive mood.

On January 30, the Skhyd Opera ballet company will present
one of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales “Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs”.

Its plot is familiar to more than one generation since childhood.
This is a story about a young beauty who was hated by
her evil stepmother and kicked out of her home;
and about the amazing forest creatures who helped the poor girl,
and of course, about the brave prince. In the end, this is a fairy tale
about friendship, loyalty, a good heart, and love.