As part of the East Opera concert tour «The European Way», The Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater presents the inspiring and excellent Show ballet program «Christmas Strauss».

Show ballet program «Christmas Strauss»

It was mainly built after Johann Strauss-Sohn`s works «The King of the Waltz».

His waltzes and gallops, marches and polkas, arias from operettas are little brilliant masterpieces. At the concert program, these brilliant masterpieces appear lined up like a precious necklace. Each pearl has its own secret, its own unique story. And when you consider that not only orchestras and soloists, but also choirs and even ballet will be taking part in this program, then it is obvious that an absolutely magical spectacle awaits you!

The ballet show is an exciting event with the participation of soloists and performers of the National Opera and Ballet Theater from the city of Kharkiv (Ukraine), recreating the images of New Year’s holidays to the music of Strauss.

Bright, costumes, dynamic structure of the program will not leave the viewer indifferent.

The high mastery of the interpreters of one of the best opera houses in Ukraine impresses with their virtuosity and emotionality.


1th part (approx. 50 minutes)

  1. Overture to the opera «The Gypsy Baron»
  2. Aria from Operetta
  3. Lucifer – Polka
  4. Saffi Aria from the opera «The Gypsy Baron»
  5. Kiss Waltz
  6. Waltz «Rose from the South»
  7. Persian March
  8. Morning
  9. Thunder and Lightning
  10. Emperor – Waltz
    BREAK 15 minutes
    2th part (approx. 55 minutes)
  11. Actor’s life
  12. Perpetum mobile
  13. Barinkai’s couplet from the opera Gypsy Baron
  14. In Krompfensky Lyka (Ku–ku) (Ballet)
  15. Quadrille Ball Masquerade
  16. Polka Fireworks (with anvil)
  17. Morning Newspapers.
  18. Clear path.
  19. Cadet Ball. (Ballet)
  20. On the blue Danube (ballet)
  21. March of Radetskyi