Quartet “Gagliarda” was founded in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) in 1996. The creation idea belongs to Yaroslav Fiskov (a graduate of the Petrozavodsk Conservatory in oboe class).

The collective’s creative credo is the promotion and development of the best traditions the art of playing wind instruments, familiarization of the public with examples of classical and modern music. The musicians of the quartet are well-known Ukrainian performers:

Yaroslav Fiskov (oboe)
Yatsіuk Serhiі (bassoon)
Olena Burska (keyboards)
Mykhailyshena Anastasiia (flute)
Natalia Lanovenko (vocal)

The team is distinguished by painstaking work on the arrangement and interpretation of works, a high culture of attitude to the author’s text, and respect for its listeners.

The repertoire of the quartet includes unique samples of music from the Baroque to modern periods, both in the original and in their own arrangements. You will hear colorful, bright and exciting music.

Over the years of existence, the musicians had hundreds of performances and a number of victories at prestigious competitions and festivals, including: 1st prize at the competition “Spring Rhapsody” (Kyiv, 2012), GRAND PRIX of the First All-Ukrainian festival-competition of vocal and instrumental art “Musical Ukraine” (Dnipro, 2021) and the 1st prize of the “AUSTRIAN STARS” International Competition (Vienna, 2021). The quartet is a regular participant of the International Festival named after P.I. Tchaikovsky and Baroness N.F. von Meck, which is the flagship of classical music in Ukraine. During the war, the group took part in charity concerts and celebrated the beauty, tenderness and love of the native land, performing music by Ukrainian composers.

The composition of the team today is as follows: Anastasia Mykhailyshena (flute), Yaroslav Fiskov (oboe), Serhii Yatsiuk (bassoon), Olena Burska (keyboards).

The name of the team comes from a popular ancient dance with movements that had “animalistic” names: cranial, “lying down a cow”. During the jump, the dancer did a pirouette with an attempt to hit the brush suspended on the knee with the other leg.

Gagliarda was the most favorite dance of Elizabeth I, who even in her old age brilliantly produced complex pas. It is also a life-giving dance.

No, our ensemble does not perform such complex movements. It’s just that the name itself seemed mysterious to us. Well, we are all people with a good sense of humor and want to give our listeners a great mood.