The ballet of the Kharkiv Theater is one of the best ballet companies in Europe and has a powerful traditional ballet school. Concerts with the participation of ballet dancers of the famous theater are always sold out and are always emotions that inspire new meetings with the team.

It is enough to mention that for the first time in the world, in 2019, it was staged premiere of the world-famous ballet by P. Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake” on the water, and in 2020, the premiere of the show took place – the ballet “Spartacus” by A. Khachaturian, in which 150 men took part.

The bright program of the Gala Ballet promises the audience many discoveries and vivid impressions from meeting young, talented performers of the theater’s ballet troupe.

The numbers that will be presented in the program are the best choreographic numbers from world-famous classical and modern ballets accompanied by the symphony orchestra of the theater.


1. Overture to the opera “Taras Bulba”
2. J. Offenbach. Adagio from the ballet “Beauty and the Beast”
3. L. Minkus. Hindu dance from the ballet “La Bayadere”
4. L. Minkus. Nikia's variation from the ballet “La Bayadere”
5. C. Gounod. One-act ballet “Walpurgis Night”


1. A. Khachaturian, scene from the school of gladiators from the ballet “Spartacus”.
2. A. Adan Pas d’Esclave from the ballet “Le Corsaire”
3. C. Gluck “Melody” from the opera “Orpheus and Eurydice”
4. L. Minkus, scene of the gypsy camp from the ballet “Don Quixote”
5. L. Minkus, variation of Espada from the ballet “Don Quixote”
6. Adagio from the ballet to the music of R. Wagner “Mysteries of Pandora”
7. A. Adan. Corsair dance from the ballet “Le Corsaire”
8. A. Adan. Variation of Odalisque from the ballet “Le Corsaire”
9. A. Adan. Adagio from the ballet “Le Corsaire”
10. C. Saint-Saens “The Swan”
11. D. Marionelli “Openness”
12. C. Gardel. Tango from the film “Scent of a Woman”
13. Flamenco “Spanish Miniatures”