The sophisticated choreographic evening will be devoted to two works: «Walpurgis night» to the music of S. Gounod and «Carmina Burana» to the music of K. Orff.

The author of the project, Antonina Radievska, the Artistic Director of the ballet, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

«Walpurgis night» to the music of S. Gounod.

Walpurgisnacht to the music of S. Gounodis found at the beginning of the last act of Faust. Mephistopheles shows Faust the folk celebration before May day when the souls of the dead are released briefly to wander as they will. The ballet does not directly depict the Walpurgis night but builds on a sense of joyful revelry.

«Carmina Burana» to the music of K. Orff.

This famous choral cantata in the Oriental Opera version will appear in an exquisite combination with the language of dance. Especially symbolic and relevant at a time when there is a war in Ukraine, both compositions show how fragile human life is, how often and very quickly happiness turns to sadness, and hope to grief. And all world events, as well as human feelings, are ruled by the all-powerful Fortuna.