About us

OPEN MUSIC PROJECT is a concert agency founded in 2004.

The objective has always been to encourage projects between Ukraine and other European countries.

Since spring 2022 our main focus has shifted towards supporting Ukrainian musicians who fled the country as well as projects of those who remained

Our mission: to create opportunities for creative self-realization within the framework of international projects for musicians from Ukraine and other countries.

We cooperate with well-known Ukrainian groups, which are open to joint projects with partners from other countries and are ready to present their own musical assets.

The concert agency cooperates with the Charitable Ukrainian Organization “ Charitable Foundation for the Development of Talents of Podilia”, which is the ambassador of the State Ukrainian Cultural Fund.

Combining our aspirations, we are trying, on the one hand, to fulfill a difficult mission – to support artists who have remained in Ukraine and work in extremely difficult conditions, and on the other hand, to give impetus to the realization of professional qualities to musicians who have been forced to leave their homes and do not have the opportunity to perform in Ukraine.

You can support Ukrainian artists in the following ways:

  • Ordering artist programs on our website using the link: openmusicproject.org/about
  • Оrdering The Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named
    after M.V. Lysenko at the link openmusicproject.org/skhid-opera
  • Submittimg proposals for create cooperation with The first All Ukrainian Youth Jazz Band openmusicproject.org/youth-jazz-band
  • Submitting proposals for creative cooperation at the link.
  • Support projects by participating in the donor project Stand with the culture of Ukraine by transferring money to the account of the Charitable Fund for the Development of Talents Podillia via the link: openmusicproject.org/donation

The charitable funds will go to

    • Implementation of art projects in accordance with the results of selection by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation
    • Support of theatrical and concert activities in Ukraine
    • Support of the First All Ukrainian Youth Jazz Band
    • Support of the the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named
      after M.V. Lysenko and its Charitable Concert Tour „The European Way“
    • Support of the Reconstruction and equipment of art schools from de-occupied regions of Ukraine.
  • By subscribing to our targeted newsletter about our events, in which you will be able to take part in our projects that will take place in your region.

Any kind of your support is important for us today.

Together we will overcome everything.