All Ukrainian Youth Jazzband is an artistic residence of non – formal education of “Jazz” format, created with the aim of forming a Ukrainian balanced jazz market by developing an informal cultural – educational platform of interactive nature, where each participant has the opportunity of free creative expression and self – realization. Objectives: to form an audience by involving young people in jazz art; exchange of experience of world jazz stars with the young generation in order to create a domestic jazz product for the presentation of Ukraine at the prestigious world jazz festivals.

The First All Ukrainian Youth Jazz Band was formed in 2021.

The participants of the band are young people from all regions of Ukraine, aged 15-18 years.

All participants in the volume study music professionally with their specialist colleagues and at the music colleges. In Ukraine, the study is in online format.

The first presentation took place on October 2th, 2021 at the XXV International Jazz Festival «VINNYTSIA JAZZFEST».

The first concert tour through Ukraine was a great success. For 2022, the orchestra had other plans, primarily preparing a program «Ukraine. Ethnic Jazz Time».

On February 24th, 2022 all dreams and plans were destroyed by the Russian attack.

On March 23rd, 2022 the Jazz Band was evacuated to Switzerland.

Nowadays the Jazz Band is based in Switzerland, Bern.

All young people attend a jazz school in Bern and take part in a variety of master classes.

As part of the project in connection with the Swiss ARTAS Foundation – supporting young artists from Kriesen regions, 38 concerts were played in different cities of Switzerland.

The program UKRAINE. ETHNIC JAZZ TIME is a gratitude to all residents of European countries for supporting Ukraine and our people.

Head of the project IRINA FRENKEL, Honored Artist of Ukraine

To continue the work in 2023-2024, an open competition for young musicians has been announced.