Academic Theatre “Kyiv Modern-Ballet” is the leading company in the field of contemporary ballet in Ukraine. The theater is conceived as an author’s theater, where the repertoire and artistic priorities are determined by the productions of choreographer Radu Poklitaru. The main creation of his creative life was the “Kyiv Modern-Ballet” theater, which he founded in 2005. The theater turns to the formation of the creative laboratory of contemporary dance: bold experiments, original reading of the world famous theatrical plots, renewal and enrichment of the form and vocabulary of contemporary dance.

What “Kyiv Modern-Ballet” performances tell? Obviously, the human right to be himself, do not betray his own beliefs and dreams and resist multifaceted soulless systems. And yet – about the mix of our real and subconscious fears, about the dramatic comic of life. And about love that is stronger than death. Showing the whole range of life, from the rough hell to the Angels’ rising sky, the actors of Radu Poklitaru say nothing and declare – only consistently activate those points of our bodies responsible for emotion and thinking. This Theatre changes its spectator, speaking at the same time as its judge and psychotherapist. The personality of Radu Poklitaru combines several principal components, without which there would be no “Kyiv Modern-Ballet”.

This, in fact, is a huge talent of a choreographer-director – the ability to tell in their own plastic language universal stories. The magic of a person who collects a team of like-minded people around him. Ability to hear the present, turn the universal into a unique, giving the opportunity to experience catharsis. Every second, the performance of Radu Poklitaru’s performance is immense work, creative excitement and his personal responsibility – even in the case of recent performances performed by his students or artists “Kyiv Modern-Ballet”. Everything matters in the ballets of Poklitaru, and everything works on the result: a plot is well-designed (often it’s a game with classical canons opening from the most unexpected parties), a brilliant sense of musical score, possession of all the volume of the stage space, polyphony of acting. Every viewer finds in “Kyiv Modern-Ballet” what he or she is looking for: artistic shock, philosophical depth, elegance of plastic drama.

“Kyiv Modern-Ballet” is an ambassador of Ukrainian art far beyond its borders. The theater represents the art of Ukrainian contemporary ballet all over the world – the geography of tours and festivals covers the space from Portugal to South Korea.